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FLV Creme de Menthe

RM 16.00

Creme de Menthe flavoring concentrate formulated from the ground up for e-liquid manufacturing and creating DIY ejuice recipes. 

Creme de Menthe is a chocolaty peppermint that goes surprisingly well with caramel and tobacco e-liquids. Try it in an RY4 and you will understand what we mean. This is not an ice cold menthol type of mint flavor, rather it has a very full chocolate palette. 

This flavoring may contain natural particulate. If you see this in your flavoring, it is ok. 

These are the natural flavoring compounds; just give it a shake

  • This is a concentrated flavors (Pati/extract) 
  • Picture for flavor reference only
  • Smaller bottle are repacked from larger bottle
  • Only 16oz and above may get original packaging (based on our stock)