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FLV Juniper Gin

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Bright green crushed juniper berries have an evergreen freshness of high altitude frost nipped mornings. Refreshing, herbal and floral flavor notes. 

FLV Juniper Gin is shockingly versatile, unless you want it to be a martini, and then it just is a stand alone. 1% goes far to brighten up fruits and florals. The smooth gin style of FLV Juniper Gin would be comparable to top shelf Gin. 

Solid Juniper notes which are the base of any Gin so have some fun with this one making your favorite cocktail e-liquid

  • This is a concentrated flavors (Pati/extract) 
  • Picture for flavor reference only
  • Smaller bottle are repacked from larger bottle
  • Only 16oz and above may get original packaging (based on our stock)