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FLV Starch Base

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Get caught stealing saltine crackers from cafeteria soup line? Oh, no that's just FLV Starch Base... notes of rice, salted cracker and golden brown toasted cracker. This is an excellent base note for dry bakery and rice recipes. Add fruit and creams to get a rice pudding, or go cookie to mix in notes of sea salt. FLV Starch Base is a thick, rich, and starchy flavor that has rice notes to it but they will fade into the background as it steeps. Gives a quality starch base to many of your typical PB&J recipes. Bottom line: Get creative with this flavor and see what you can do. It will open new doors for any mixer.

  • This is a concentrated flavors (Pati/extract) 
  • Picture for flavor reference only
  • Smaller bottle are repacked from larger bottle
  • Only 16oz and above may get original packaging (based on our stock)