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TPA/TFA Pear Flavor

RM 10.00

Water soluble.

This is a concentrated Pear flavor with a natural taste. It is really difficult to get a true pear taste that is concentrated, so this is as close as we could come.

Some customers like to sweeten this up for a more "candy pear" taste - (use our sweetener, or ethyl maltol)

Note:This flavor can vary from a pale amber color, to a dark amber. This is due to variation in the raw ingredients. This flavor can separate in the bottle, due to variations in the natural material used as part of the flavor. This separation can occasionally cause cloudiness with mixtures with high glycerin content. Also in very cold weather the Maltol in this flavor can cause tiny crystals to form. Please shake the bottle before dispensing.

Ingredients:Natural & Artificial Flavor, Propylene Glycol, Water

  • This is a concentrated flavors (Pati/extract) 
  • Picture for flavor reference only
  • Smaller bottle are repacked from larger bottle
  • Only 16oz and above may get original packaging (based on our stock)